• Collage: Selections

    ". . . his collages . . . avoid depicting anything in particular, not even pictorial "space" . . . . Take as an example Stem and Stone, a collage consisting of at least ten or eleven pieces of paper, most of similar texture and relatively neutral color. Texture and color, I should say, may initially appear uniform and neutral. Variation is so subtly, extensively, and minutely built into Stem and Stone that the work seems never to look quite the same as moments of viewing pass. Ridges, tears, and shifting shadows articulate the material surface and transform it into a kind of relief sculpture . . . . Stem and Stone leads its viewer into a world of a strangely purified seeing that resists contextualization to a remarkable degree."

    – Richard Shiff

    Insistent Matter: The Art of Irwin Kremen

    Stem and Stone